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Re: Terra Nova: thoughts

I thought about that. I decided it must be a futuristic fence. ;) It was still cute. I also wondered how the dinosaurs knew to eat just the branch and not the little girl. But then, dinosaurs were smarter than they looked. ;) Maybe their psychic powers, or the way she made eye contact, told them not to.

I know that limestone didn't originate in teh Cretaceous, unless you happen to live where it did. I don't think it's all that old everywhere on Earth. Certainly not in Texas. Evidently all pre-Cretaceous rock here is sandstone and shale. And occasional granite. Also chert, but in isolated small rocks, and probably from the same source as the limestone.

Back in the Adirondacks, most rock was granite, gneiss, quartz, and a much older and harder sort of limestone, but you had to look for the limestone, it was hardly 95% of the rock.

I like the ground bones idea better. You wouldn't even have to kill the dinosaurs yourself.


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I didn't see all of the program, but would the Brachiosaurs have even noticed the puny fence around the trees? Seems like a herd of them would have just pushed through to eat.