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RE: Terra Nova: thoughts

> Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2011 10:00:20 -0400
> From: tholtz@umd.edu
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Terra Nova: thoughts
> Now, my thoughts:
> Plot/setting: "Political refugees and misfits escape via stable oneway 
> timerift to a parallel past" is a combination of science
> fiction tropes that work fine for plot reasons. Parallel past allows for 
> people to actually act and do things without consequences
> for the future (Utley's Silurian short story cycle
I did an Amazon.com search, but couldn't find anything like that - "Utley" 
produced mostly books on baseball.
> * Carnotaurus. A very early population of these... (Redated, Carnotaurus is 
> one of the youngest of the abelisaurids. But it was once
> considered Aptian/Albian. Maybe this is a population in transit due to the 
> redating...) Utterly failed to get the forearms right on
> them (again!): so far Dinosaur Revolution and Planet Dinosaur's models are 
> the only correct abelisaurid arms in CG. While we do not
> have Carnotaurus' metatarsi, they gave it feet that are probably far too long 
> and slender based on other abelisaurids.
> They could have said "brachiosaur" and "abelisaur" and it would have been 
> fine: 
 I could be wrong, but I suspect more people have heard or "carnotaurus" than 
"abelisaur"...I'm just glad they didn't say it was a tyrannosaurus because 
those two had tiny arms.
(and it was nice to see an example of dinosaurs actually ambushing - both to 
pluck a person from a tank, and later with the Slashers)
> * Acceraptor. An invented dinosaur, nicknamed "the slasher". Inventing new 
> dinosaurs isn't a bad idea, so long as the invention is
> reasonable, given that new species are named at a rate of about 1/week or 
> more. This thing, though: it looks something like a
> toothed oviraptorosaur (or an oviraptorosaur-crested dromaeosaur) with 
> Jurassic Park "bunny hands" syndrome and a slashing tail
> weapon. If it were me, I'd have suggested some sort of megaraptoran 
> neovenatorid. (And jeez, if you want a pack hunting predator,
> you are smack dab in the middle of Eudromaeosauria's stratigraphic range!)
 Why do they always have these smaller dinosaurs knocking their shoulders 
against armored vehicles?  That's what never makes sense to me.