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Re: Terra Nova: thoughts

Finally got to see the show today. I agree that the focus on the human antics 
is both distracting and unwarranted. Sadly, this is probably the thing the 
producers are hoping sells the best since a constant dino safari, while 
awesome, would put a real dent in the production budget. 

In regards to the brachiosaurs I'm not sure if the daughter actually said 
_Brachiosaurus_, or just brachiosaur (she garbled her lines in that scene), so 
it might be possible that the animals shown were really just some random 
titanosaurs. Of course the same cannot be said for _Carnotaurus_. Not mentioned 
was the weird faces on the brachiosaurs. Aside from the nostril position 
choice, they also had duck faces (wide, flat mouths) and their eyes resulted in 
the goofiest expressions. The compositing on the brachiosaurs was also pretty 
terrible (they moved like they had no weight, and did not look like they were 
in the scene at all). 

The slashers were just weird, and their use in the scene really felt like it 
could have been replaced with any random monster (which was how they acted). 

All in all getting three dinosaur scenes for an hour and a half of programming 
(sans commercials) is not a good deal. Hopefully this was done to save the 
budget for more dino rich episodes. If it winds up going like Sir Arthur Conan 
Doyle's: The Lost World, or Land of the Lost, though, I'm out. 

Then again even Sleestaks are better than the tailies, er , I mean the sixers.