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Re: Brachiosaur flexibility and face-shape

It is not entirely certain that the B altithorax coracoid actually belongs 
to the holotype because it's awfully big compared to the ilium (as can be 
seen in Riggs original same scale figure), and to G. brancai coracoids. I 
cannot easily fit it on the skeletal restoration. And I suspect the laterally 
facing glenoid is due to poor ossification. 

It is not possible to accurately restore the exact posture and action of 
long necks from the bones, so discussions of ability to reach the ground with 
the head are not particularly useful although all large animals 
have to drink. Note that okapis sprawl out their forelimbs just like 
giraffes when drinking for what that's worth. 

It is my considered opinion that since sauropods were probably ominivores 
that picked up small animals they could swallow that, instead of being 
giants which they likely were not (they were not cows), they ought to eat 
the kids in these fiction programs. Especially the bratty ones in JP 1.  

According to today's Wash Post the pilot that I did not bother to see 
tanked in the ratings (so it cost $2 per viewer), hence the discussion may 
be moot in the larger scheme of things.