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RE: Brachiosaurus terranovensis

  It looks an amazing amount like a diplodocid with a tall nasal arch. Maybe 
it's implying *Abydosaurus mcintoshi*, with its more rounded rostrum in 
profile, which would imply a flatter snout, but it doesn't seem to be taking 
into account the fleshy tissues implied by said flattened snout, dorsally 
excavated as they are and indicated to extend the nostrils beyond bony naris....


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> Having a chance to see the stills of it, I note that the fenceline only comes 
> up to the base of the neck, so there ability to reach
> over the fence was not contingent on extra flexibility (before I could not 
> recall if they had to arch their necks over the fenceline
> to reach down on the other side of it to get the food the little girl offered 
> them):
> http://cdn.terranovatv.net/images/2011/07/terra_nova_new_promo-pics-13.jpg
> No good screenshots of their face, though. I found this: 
> http://cdn.terranovatv.net/images/2011/07/TerraNova-Brachiosaurus.jpg
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