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Re: Planet Dinosaur Ep 2

I liked the tendency of the show to present proof of the hypothesized
behaviours in the African fauna chapter. However, I disliked in this
episode how the Sinornithosaurus venom hypothesis was accepted, even
when published counterpoints currently exist, and how most scientists
on this list seem to dislike the hypothesis. Or how the raptorial claw
of dromaeos was hypothesized to be for climbing instead of attacking
prey (either stabbing or slashing). I apologise because of almost only
looking at the images (my ability to get spoken English is very
limited), but it seems to me that the producers received partial
advise or took the job of reading papers, but just some of the papers.
Perhaps here going to Wikipedia before reading just some papers would
have helped them knowing about other opinions or the existence of
papers stating other viewpoints.