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Interesting, veeery interesting

I know of three complete brachiosaur scapula coracoids from the Tendarguru 
(BMNH 5937 and HMN Ki24 don't know new catalog # of latter if there is one) 
& Morrison (BYU 9462). In all three the coracoid is small relative to the 
scapula. At least it seems so in Migeod's quarry map of 5937 which does get 
the overall size of the 2200 mm scapcoracoid about right. In both of the other 
two the scapular distal tip to glenoid scap-coracoid contact/coracoid 
antero-post length is high at about 3.25 because the coracoid is small. Of 
three 9462 (Jensen's Ultrasaurus) is the largest and the coracoid is about 
650 mm long (again that's antero-posterior). 

Riggs states the coracoid assigned to the holotype B altithorax is 870 mm 
and that is close to the measurement from the figure, so its a big momma even 
when compared to the ilium of the holotype as in Rigg's Pl LXXV. If the 
scapula/coracoid length ratio is the same as in the others then the combined 
scapcoracoid was some 3250 mm.    

Let us curse the from what I know fascist Janensch. He states that the 
coracoid of the B. brancai lectotype 2181(ex S II) is 840 mm, but the figure 
seems to indicate a much smaller element. What, you can't count on even the old 
Krauts to get these things right? Jeez. I am not sure what is in the 
mounted skeleton, but the right element does match the original element in 
and there is no way that is anywhere close to 840 mm, it is more like 620 (if 
someone has an direct measurement of this element please let me know). 

In fig 4 at www.miketaylor.org.uk/dino/brachio/extras.html the 2181 
coracoid measures 710 mm long which I suspect is at least15% too large, and the 
supposed B altithorax coraocid is 850 which may be a tad small, so I don't 
think the size comparison is correct. 

Note that in the composite B altithorax skeleton incl Taylor's in which 
9462 is scaled in the coracoid is just 575 mm. Try to insert the 870 mm 
coraocid and it just don't fit in well.  

So I am sticking to the conclusion that the supposed B altithorax holotype 
coracoid is way too big for it to be assumed to be part of the rest of the