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RE: Terra Nova: updates

  No, the skull has some clear carnosaur, not carnotaur, affinities, with a 
strong resemblance to *Allosaurus* illustrations from the 20's and 40s.


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> Subject: RE: Terra Nova: updates
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> > Subject: Terra Nova: updates
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> > Okay, I watched the first part of the first episode of Terra Nova again.
> > Some comments/clarifications:
> > 4) It was unquestionably "Carnotaurus".
> That was the skull used for the leader's desk, wasn't it?
> > 7) Despite the fact they come from the mid-22nd Century dystopian future,
> > all the characters names, hair styles, slang, and clothing are just like
> > today.
> Can we invoke TARDIS logic here?: that the slang and such have been 
> translated for the benefit of the viewer?
> (as contrasted with the Cosby Show, which made a point of inventing their own 
> slang, so it wouldn't be dated)
> As to the names, if you took a sampling from 150 years ago (or 500 probably), 
> those names would still be in use.