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Re: Terra Nova: thoughts

I missed it - what's a sleestak?

Also, how do we know that the drawings were made by the colony leader's son? Did he say so? Because if so it could possibly be a lie.


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It should be noted that, in case the subject was clouded for many listmembers, the drawings on the rocks were apparently made by the colony leader's _son_, not Sleestaks or whatever. The moment a Sleestak rears its head in this show, I will refuse to watch it again. The quality of inter-human drama, _Lost_ level mystery that doesn't go anywhere, potential other riftwalkers such as members from other times, that will keep this show going ... but Sleestaks ... it will do for this show what Will Ferrell does to movies and _The Office_. (No, I don't like Will Ferrell's acting.)


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Actually there are some pretty decent and somewhat plausible concepts floating around on Deviantart. It's a subject that's always fascinated me, especially after learning about tool fabricating corvids.

These are my favorites:



The 2nd one has too many cervical vertebrae, but otherwise looks great in my opinion.


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> HI:
> If they bring in Sleesaks, I hope they update them with feathers! > There's
> nothing like a feathered dino-hominid out there that I know of?
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