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Germany then and now

When I was a lad I was a big admirer of Wehner von Braun because our 
government was hiding how Hitler's rocketeer was Nazis party and SS member who 
have been guilty of crimes against humanity at the notorious Mittleworks 
V-2 factory. It has long struck me a supremely ironic that American could not 
have reached the moon if not for the aid of a bunch of Krauts, a widely used 
term when I was a kid for those who sided with the Nazis and aided their 
war aims. I also admired Janensch and von Huene until I came across 
information that they had Nazis sympathies (am not sure how definitive this is 
so if 
someone has contrary info please provide). I am now glad I did meet the 
latter )in theory I could have). There were also horrific but largely forgotten 
atrocities perpetuated by Germany in their African colonies about the time 
that Tendaguru was being worked that Hitler later emulated, am not sure if 
anyone has looked into whether the former impacted the latter, if not someone 
should. Paleos should be aware of the darker side of German paleontology back 
then (of course we were defrauding native Americans of their lands the same 
time we were digging up dinosaurs out west and so on). 

Germans have done a better job than we have of getting their post war act 
together, my sociological research confirms that modern Germany is being run 
much better than the US as measured by most socioeconomic indicators 
(www.epjournal.net/filestore/EP07398441_c.pdf). In some parts of the US, i.e. 
Bible Belt, lifespans are actually declining -- like in Russia. 

What I am still wondering is what are the actual dimensions of the coracoid 
of the G brancai holotype since Janensch messed up on the measurements one 
way or another.