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Might we remind all what the DML is for?

In case you ever forget, you should always be able to find a refresher
at dinosaurmailinglist.org.  The large print:

The DML exists to foster dialogue on science pertaining to dinosaurs.

We do tolerate a lot of diversions, but we will not let the list get
consumed by a topic that is not both a scientific issue and directly
relevant to dinosaurs.  Note that our statement of purpose does not
encompass the sociology of the science pertaining to dinosaurs or the
personalities of the scientists who have contributed to current
scientific understanding.  This is not to say that such subjects have
no importance.  Those topics are just not what this list is about.

For those of you participating in one of our recent threads...
consider this a shot across the bow.  I suspect everyone here is clued
in enough that I don't need to specify what thread I'm talking about.
If I'm right about that, I hope in the future you'll take the next
step... "it's obvious that this is the kind of thing the list owners
will complain about, so maybe I shouldn't send this message to the
whole list".

As always, discussion of what should be on the list is not a topic for
list discussion.  If you have any opinions you'd like to share on that
subject, please send them to me and/or Mary.

Thanks for your cooperation!