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Re: Saichania redescribed

Some thoughts on the maths in this paper can be found on my blog:

more to come, but that will be peer-reviewed.
Heinrich Mallison

>>From: Ben Creisler
>>A new paper:
>>Carpenter, K.; Hayashi, S.; Kobayashi, Y.; Maryañska, T.;
>>Barsbold, R.; Sato, K.; Obata, I.  (2011)
>>Saichania chulsanensis (Ornithischia, Ankylosauridae)
>>from the Upper Cretaceous of Mongolia
>>Palaeontographica Abteilung A Band 294 Lieferung 1-3
>>(2011): 1 - 61
>>A new specimen of the ankylosaurid dinosaur Saichania
>>chulsanensis from the Barun Goyot Formation at Khulsan in
>>southern Mongolia is used to redescribe the taxon. The
>>2.8 m long skeleton was found articulated, with much of
>>the body armor preserved in situ. The pelvis, hind limbs
>>and tail are described for the first time. Biomechanical
>>analysis suggests the tail club could generate around
>>13631 N (1390 kgf ). Comparisons with other ankylosaurids
>>show that Saichania is closely related to the Asian
>>ankylosaurines Tarchia, Tianzhenosaurus and