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Re: Mosasauridae synapomorphies

Actually, I really need the synapomorphies, because I wanna know the derived characters that all the members of Mosasauridae (more than one taxon) share, but that separate them from the other members of Mosasauroidea. The autapomorphies are just that of the terminal taxon, not even share with the closest relative and the last common ancestor.

Thank you all for your suggestions and for the pdfs!!
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I need the list of the synapomorphic characters of the family Mosasauridae
Gervais, 1853.
Does anyone have the PDFs of Gervais (1853) and Russell (1967)?

You are not going to find the autapomorphies* of Mosasauridae in anything as old as those papers! For example, it only became clear in the last few years that many of the adaptations of Mosasauridae to a fully aquatic lifestyle arose twice convergently. I strongly suggest you begin with the latest paper I know, cited below, and then work backwards through its references:

A.. R. H. LeBlanc, M. W. Caldwell & N. Bardet (2012): A new mosasaurine from the Maastrichtian (Upper Cretaceous) phosphates of Morocco and its implications for mosasaurine systematics, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 32(1), 82 -- 104

* One clade has autapomorphies (auto- = self). Two clades have synapomorphies (syn- = together). In case you're wondering -- yes, Willi Hennig liked making up new technical terms just for the fun of it.