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Anchisaurus neotype petition to ICZN

From: Ben Creisler

A new petition to the International Commission on Zoological
Nomenclature in the new issue of the Bulletin of Zoological
Nomenclature  :

Galton, P.M. (2012)
Case 3561 Anchisaurus Marsh, 1885 (Dinosauria, Sauropodomorpha):
proposed conservation of usage by designation of a neotype for its
type species Megadactylus polyzelus Hitchcock, 1865.
Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 69 (1): 44-50

The purpose of this application, under Article 75.5 of the Code, is to
conserve the usage of the name Anchisaurus Marsh, 1885 (Lower
Jurassic, Connecticut Valley, northeastern U.S.A.) that is based on
Megadactylus polyzelus Hitchcock, 1865. It is proposed to replace the
fragmentary and non-diagnostic holotype of M. polyzelus with a
diagnostic neotype, an almost complete skull and skeleton (YPM 1883,
holotype of A. colurus Marsh, 1891). This specimen has formed the
basis for the concept of Anchisaurus, the first basal sauropodomorph
genus from the U.S.A. and still the best represented from there since
it was illustrated by Marsh (1892, 1893), and of A. polyzelus since it
was illustrated by Galton (1976). Anchisaurus is the basis for
ANCHISAURIDAE Marsh, 1885, the first basal sauropodomorph family to be
named, and for the Anchisauria Galton & Upchurch, 2004.

Also in the new issue, comments on Stegosaurus petition: