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Re: The today programme

I think the issue is editorial. Today represents the worlds best journalism - 
so Why choose this story when theres the "first fire" and "lemur" stories in 
the air.  so id say the problem is in the way scientists present their work to 
the press. 

Christian darkin
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On 3 Apr 2012, at 11:09, "Michael OSullivan" <Michael.OSullivan@port.ac.uk> 

> I would say the issue was the last comment. The comparison to Galileo. I
> realise ideally news stories are non-biased but I dislike the use of
> this classic "establishment vs the individual" example in this context.
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>>>> Christian Darkin  03/04/12 7:34 AM >>>
> Hi
> There was a piece on BBC radio4's today programme just now about some
> silly theory about all dinosaurs being aquatic.   
> It was pretty easily put down by a 2nd interviewee but really - we're
> used to a bit higher standard of debate from the today programme. 
> Surely they could have found a better current dino story if they wanted
> one!
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