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Re: As the kids say, *facepalm*... [Scanned]

but I think this is really about the need for scientists to understand how the media works. Either the "sabre toothed lemur "story or the "first use of fire for cooking" story could easily have taken the place of this story in the popular press. All three stories were available on the same day, and all three would have been as editorialy attractive to (competent) news organisations.

So it really must come down to presentation - scientists with genuinely important stuff to say have something to learn from this.

Christian Darkin

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Paul appears to have been remarkably tolerant when confronted by such a notion - I am not so sure that many other people would have been. It's interesting that yet another one of these pie-in-the-sky ideas has got the palaeoworld ablaze again today and is right up there with the kraken story of 2011. Part of me does not even want to give this guy the time of day but, at the same time, this suggestion does need to be confronted publicly - I will be putting up a brief blog post later to refute this preposterous idea.


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"It's not that they could manage to cope with it, or that they swam, or even that they were submerged; but that they lived in water that supported their weight."

The programme declared his theory "so revolutionary it stands the whole world of palaeontology on its head."

But Prof Ford's theory has not yet gained credence with fellow scientists, with an expert from the Natural History Museum claiming a similar theory had been discussed and largely dismissed up to 100 years ago.

Dr Paul Barrett said: "Things have moved on quite a lot. I don't think we will be re-writing the text books just yet."

--Thank goodness Paul was interviewed as a reality check!

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