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Re: Paleocene dinosaur dating controversy in Geology

From: Ben Creisler

My apologies to people who had problems with the free pdf of the
original Geology article. I'm not sure why it works this way, but if
you open the first forum article in "full text" mode, there is a FREE
link to the original pdf at the bottom. It goes to the pdf link I
gave, but it opens as free..

Try this link:

The April issue of Geology has an open-access Forum reacting to a
paper claiming to date a hadrosaur bone to the Paleocene:

Fassett, J.E., Heaman, L.M., & Simonetti, A. (2011)
Direct U-Pb dating of Cretaceous and Paleocene dinosaur bones, San
Juan Basin, New Mexico.
Geology 39: 159–162,
free pdf:

Comments and reaction to 2011 paper in the Forum section are open access:

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