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RE: What is big, fluffy, and could tear

From: Ben Creisler

Of course, it could be a coating of algae---which would prove that
dinosaurs were aquatic!
Tom Holtz wrote:

<So how are the BANDits going to deal with this? Will they call them
frauds or collegen fibers, or is Tyrannosauroidea now part of birds?>

  I don't know, Brain, the same things they've always done?

  1. Ignore it.

  2. Claim it's a giant fin-tailed lizard with blubber like padding
beneath the skin.

  3. Has absolutely nothing to do with the origin of birds! I mean,
it's clearly a carnosaur (i.e., large bodied theropod), and no one put
that close to birds! Why, I once read this book, by that one guy who
argued that this was so, so it must be true!


Jaime A. Headden
The Bite Stuff (site v2)