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Re: Asking BBC Radio 4 for a retraction

I kind of like the idea of aquatic dinosaurs. Water is 
important to life, and swimming is fun. Sailing too. 
Not competetively, but just lazing around in the sun, 
like the dinosaurs did. 

--- On Wed, 4/4/12, Dann Pigdon <dannj@alphalink.com.au> wrote:

> From: Dann Pigdon <dannj@alphalink.com.au>
> Subject: Re: Asking BBC Radio 4 for a retraction
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Date: Wednesday, April 4, 2012, 5:24 PM
> On Wed, Apr 4th, 2012 at 10:41 PM,
> Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com> wrote:
> > Most of you will have heard by now of the terrible piece that BBC
> > Radio 4, a trusted news source, ran yesterday on Brian J. Ford's
> > crackpot "theory" that all dinosaur were semi-aquatic to support their
> > weight.  A good, sober summary is provided here:
> >      
> >   http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/dinosaur/2012/04/aquatic-dinosaurs-not-so-fast/
> > 
> > Because Radio 4 is a trusted source, it's important that it not spout
> > nonsense like this.  There is a danger that its credibility will be
> > damaged.  If a journal were to publish such rubbish, it would be
> > forced to follow up with a formal retraction, and I want to ask Radio
> > 4 to do the same thing.  Here is the letter I plan to send:
> Surely making such a fuss about something that is bound to
> be forgotten within days is counter-
> productive? It risks keeping the 'theory' circulating in the
> media for a little bit longer, and drawing 
> more attention to it than it otherwise would have got.
> Theories such as these crop up all the time, make a splash
> in the media, and just as quickly lapse 
> into obscurity. I'd be letting it die a natural death rather
> than risk endlessly reviving it by giving it 
> any attention.
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