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Paleoart issues

Of late I have become aware of an extensive copyright issue that may be of 
broader concern to the paleo art and science community. 

Over the years there have been a number of unambiguous violations of my 
copyrighted images. In the great majority of cases the violator has 
acknowledged the error and come to terms. 

An apparent exception is the Mesalands Dinosaur Museum which is operated by 
a community college in Tucumcari NM. Passed right by it driving to and from 
the SVP meeting last year. Not long after getting back I became aware of 
what appear to be cases of their using straight copies of my art. 


Repeated efforts to get an adequate response have hit a brick wall with the 
museum and college denying there is any problem while refusing to explain 
the apparent violations. 

There is also an international case of massive violations that is 
troublesome that I may discuss later. 

I am bringing up this problem in part because am hoping to spur Mesalands 
to respond in a proper manner, and anyone who has information on this is 
asked to let me know. 

But is occurred to me that there is a bigger issue. I doubt all violations 
of my art by museums, science centers, theme parks have been uncovered, so 
if anyone knows of such violations please let me know. Even more importantly 
for list members, it is unlikely to be just me, other paleoartists may be 
being denied significant income by misuse of their images. 

Conversely, those institutions that are violating artists’ rights need to 
contact the artists and arrange to make fair compensation.