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Re: Paleoart issues

Dear Mr. Paul,

I think the first step here would be to prove beyond reasonable doubt
that you hold the copyright to the pictures. I remember seeing them in
various places, including (IIRC) a book - and I would be very
surprised if you still retain copyright, and not the publisher.

Dr. Heinrich Mallison
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On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 6:35 PM,  <GSP1954@aol.com> wrote:
> Of late I have become aware of an extensive copyright issue that may be of
> broader concern to the paleo art and science community.
> Over the years there have been a number of unambiguous violations of my
> copyrighted images. In the great majority of cases the violator has
> acknowledged the error and come to terms.
> An apparent exception is the Mesalands Dinosaur Museum which is operated by
> a community college in Tucumcari NM. Passed right by it driving to and from
> the SVP meeting last year. Not long after getting back I became aware of
> what appear to be cases of their using straight copies of my art.
> www.flickr.com/photos/dranelli/754759834/in/photostream
> www.flickr.com/photos/dranelli/754761596/in/photostream
> www.crackerscentral.com/enjoyeverysandwich/Albums/EESMT2007/EESMT2007_3.html
> Repeated efforts to get an adequate response have hit a brick wall with the
> museum and college denying there is any problem while refusing to explain
> the apparent violations.
> There is also an international case of massive violations that is
> troublesome that I may discuss later.
> I am bringing up this problem in part because am hoping to spur Mesalands
> to respond in a proper manner, and anyone who has information on this is
> asked to let me know.
> But is occurred to me that there is a bigger issue. I doubt all violations
> of my art by museums, science centers, theme parks have been uncovered, so
> if anyone knows of such violations please let me know. Even more importantly
> for list members, it is unlikely to be just me, other paleoartists may be
> being denied significant income by misuse of their images.
> Conversely, those institutions that are violating artists’ rights need to
> contact the artists and arrange to make fair compensation.
> GSPaul
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