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Re: 600 pictures by Zdenìk Burian

Even with so many very talented modern paleoartists, I do fall back on
Burian material from time to time for teaching slides. Thanks for posting
the gallery.

On Wed, April 11, 2012 9:07 pm, Matt wrote:
> Utterly inspirational stuff. When I was a kid I always wondered who
> Burian was.
> The photographic rendering brought an artistry unseen previously in
> paleo illustration.
> On 12/04/2012 2:49 AM, David Krentz wrote:
>> Thanks for posting this.  I'm glad that a great deal of his 'early man'
>> and adventure story illustrations are here!  His figurative work is top
>> notch.  One can clearly see Frazetta being influenced by many of them.
>> Burian's narratives were always engaging.  My favorite is the one where
>> a sculptor has just finished carving the Venus of Wellendorf, and behind
>> him beaming with pride is his curvaceous  model/muse.  In the background
>> people are curiously approaching.
>>    D
>> On Apr 11, 2012, at 9:23 AM, Augusto Haro wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> In case someone does not follow David Hone's blog, here are posted 600
>>> pictures with paleontological motives by Zdenìk Burian:
>>> http://www.flickr.com/photos/timetravelnow/sets/72157626014578047/
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> Matt van Rooijen
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