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Dinosaur bone bed in Charente (France) described

From: Ben Creisler

A new online paper in Cretaceous Research. The link has a preview with
photos of dinosaur bones and teeth:

D. Néraudeau, R. Allain, M. Ballèvre, D.J. Batten, E. Buffetaut, J.P.
Colin, M.P. Dabard, V. Daviero-Gomez, A. El Albani, B. Gomez, D.
Grosheny, J. Le Lœuff, A. Leprince, C. Martín-Closas, E. Masure, J.-M.
Mazin, M. Philippe, J. Pouech, H. Tong, J.F. Tournepiche, et al.
The Hauterivian–Barremian lignitic bone bed of Angeac (Charente,
south-west France): stratigraphical, palaeobiological and
palaeogeographical implications
Cretaceous Research (advance online publication)

This paper provides the sedimentological, palaeontological and
biostratigraphical characteristics of a newly discovered
lignite-bearing sedimentary succession in western France. The lignitic
bed, which is reminiscent of some Wealden facies in southern England,
is located in Angeac in the Charentes region. The plant remains occur
as three-dimensionally preserved mesofossils (cuticles, charred ferns
and seeds, cones and twigs) and larger pieces of wood. The deposits
contain variable amounts of such material and at one horizon in
particular, an outstanding accumulation of dinosaur teeth and bones.
Among the vertebrate remains are the longest sauropod femur (ca. 220
cm) yet found and bones representing an ornithomimosaur herd of at
least eight individuals. The palynomorph content of the clay
associated with the bones and lignitic material indicates a
Hauterivian–Barremian age. The abundance in the fossil assemblage of
freshwater unionoid bivalves, some preserved in life position, the
presence of freshwater algae, and the scarcity of brackish or marine
species indicate that the depositional environment was a swamp only
very occasionally connected to the sea. The forest bordering the swamp
was dominated by cheirolepidiaceous trees co-occurring with a diverse
assemblage of ferns.