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Re: 2012 US presidential race

Even the utterly ridiculous, baggage-laden Newt would have to pander to the anti-science right of his party ever to get the nomination. Only Jon Huntsman (no longer in the race) could ever have made me hold my nose and vote for a republican. He at least believed in evolution! And was willing to admit that there might be something to climate change...

Obama will win, and thank goodness!

Scott Perry
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I know it's a little late, but...who do you all think is the best US presidential candidate, for scientists President Robert Bakker Vice President Jennifer Clack > (including Obama!)? I personally think Newt gingrich is the best for science BY FAR, and i would say Santorum too, but he dropped out :( I am a conservative Roman Catholic just like him. But I'd be happy with anyone other than Obama, Ron Paul, Vermin Supreme (look him up!)or any obvious saboteurs( i.e. muslim brotherhood, nazi party etc.). I understand most scientists in the USA are Democrats...