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Re: 2012 US presidential race

Wow, i'm suprised that my question was even answered! FYI, I read a fairly 
recent news article that said about 95% of US scientists vote Democrat. 
Although we are able to vote for whoever we like (thank GOD) in our republic, I 
think most Americans would probably agree with me that 'Barry O' isn't a very 
good president. It obviously has nothing to do with his being half black 
(unless you are a KKK member), but rather his poor decisions regarding the 
economy, his blatant appeasment of Islamic supremacist groups, and various 
other decisions which, inadvertently or deliberately, could the land nation 
into a potentially *ugly* future. And the GOP isn't all what y'all think it is. 
Yes, a few are skeptical of Darwinism, but moderate Republicans(who support the 
sciences typically), due to their better economic theories, are *currently* a 
better choice for the average voter. And the reason i like Newt is because he 
actually supports the space program, unlike Obama. Funny that the only budget 
he actually cut was NASA's! Honestly, I can say that we have a weak incumbent 
vs. an even weaker opponent, as with the 2004 elections.