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RE: 2012 US presidential race

/sigh.....Would it be at all possible to move this thread away from politics?  
I did not subscribe to this list to hear a lot of one-sided rhetoric.  

Without getting into a back and forth, here's my little suggestion.  Let's keep 
it simple and talk about dinosaurs or other fossils?  Hmmm?  

Ok then... all agreed?  I'll start..my favorite dinosaur is 
Brachiosaurus.....now it's your turn!  YAAY!! see how easy it is!  And 
dinosaurs are more fun to talk about than politics!


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Wow, i'm suprised that my question was even answered! FYI, I read a fairly 
recent news article that said about 95% of US scientists vote Democrat. 
Although we are able to vote for whoever we like (thank GOD) in our republic, I 
think most Americans would probably agree with me that 'Barry O' isn't a very 
good president. It obviously has nothing to do with his being half black 
(unless you are a KKK member), but rather his poor decisions regarding the 
economy, his blatant appeasment of Islamic supremacist groups, and various 
other decisions which, inadvertently or deliberately, could the land nation 
into a potentially *ugly* future. And the GOP isn't all what y'all think it is. 
Yes, a few are skeptical of Darwinism, but moderate Republicans(who support the 
sciences typically), due to their better economic theories, are *currently* a 
better choice for the average voter. And the reason i like Newt is because he 
actually supports the space program, unlike Obama. Funny that the only
  budget he actually cut was NASA's! Honestly, I can say that we have a weak 
incumbent vs. an even weaker opponent, as with the 2004 elections.