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Re: Sauropodz r kewl WAS: silly conversation on 2012 US presidential race

Thescellosaurus is awesome: A relatively basal ornithopod, which is not only 
surviving, but expanding and enlarging itself in the midst of mature and 
complex late-Cretaceous ecology?

It's skull looks a little fragile, it has relatively short legs relative to 
body size (compared to hypsilophodontids) and most reconstructions don't do it 
justice... but it should definitely be up there in popularity!

But honestly, I like some of the earlier ornithopods a little more...

Mark Witton wrote:
> ornithischians are reptilian variants of modern livestock,

Try calling a wild Buffalo livestock... after you've just injured it ;)


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You know...if we keep this thread going, we will hear a lot of cool dinosaurs 
named as favorites; (Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus, Nigersaurus, Rugops, 
Tyrannosaurus, Kosmoceratops, Styracosaurus, Lambeosaurus, Velociraptor, etc, 
etc)....but I'm willing to bet there is one dinosaur name that doesn't get 
thrown out there....Thescelosaurus.

Hmmm?   Any takers?  Anyone at all?


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I think you're all wrong; basal saurischians (especially
"prosauropods") are the bee's knees.


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> sorry kids, Ceratopsians are frankly so awesome it's not even funny
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>>>> "Mark Witton"  13/04/12 3:28 PM >>>
> Mike,
> If I wasn't working on pterosaurs, I reckon sauropods would be my
> preferred research subject. Other dinosaurs are interesting and all,
> but sauropods definitely have an X factor that the others don't. Maybe
> it's because they seem to be incredibly unlikely beasts. The general
> bauplans of other dinosaurs seem less out of place compared to our modern 
> fauna.
> The megatheropods are really just big birds, ornithischians are
> reptilian variants of modern livestock, but sauropods can't be neatly
> shoehorned into any modern context. Oh, and they're massive. Come on,
> admit it: we're all impressed with Big Things.
> Has there ever been a discussion of 'my favourite dinosaur' on here?
> It's _the_ dinosaur question most kids are interested in, but we seem
> to slip away from it towards adulthood. I'll bet every osteologically
> mature palaeontologist still has a favourite, though.
> Mark
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> On 13 April 2012 13:49, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.  wrote:
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>>> I like sauropods, too. I always thought Dicraeosaurus was the mutt's
>>> nuts.
>> I'm an old-fashioned guy in this context: I'm an Apatosaurus fan.
> I have to say it warms my heart to see Scott going with Brachiosaurus,
> Mark with Dicraeosaurus and now Tom with Apatosaurus.  Truly, three of
> the most outrageous and beautiful creatures ever to have walked the
> Earth.  Not just because they're sauropods: but THOSE sauropods in
> particular.  Only Xenoposeidon and Bronotmerus are more lovely.
>>> Seconding Scott's point (and those of several others). This isn't a
>>> forum for discussing politics, so this thread really should be put
>>> to bed.
>> Indeed!
>> In fact, I hear tell that there are places on the Internet where
> people can actually discuss politics all the time. Maybe instead of
>> infesting a forum on dinosaurs, the indvidual involved might take it
> over to one of those...
> I can only assume that Mickey and Mary are on holiday.  Come back,
> M&M!  We need you!
> -- Mike.

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