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Re: Sauropodz r kewl WAS: silly conversation on 2012 US presidential race

Nobody admits that she/he is strongly influenced by the mass media and
that her/his favorite dinosaur is T. rex?
I will, and admit I wait someone to come out with a movie in which T.
rex takes revenge from King Kong (some nimbleness loss by mechanical
constraint has to affect the giant gorilla when scaling to such a
size, giving the dinosaur the edge).
There is Kosmoceratops, I will wait till Costanzaceratops is named to
review my current favorite. XD



2012/4/14 Dino Guy Ralph <dinoguyralph@gmail.com>:
> My fave dino: _Microraptor_.  Small, sickle-clawed, puzzling, got gut 
> contents, and an abundance of feathers -- iridescent/black feathers at that. 
>  Dinosaurs are all good, though, if accurately rendered.
> Ralph W. Miller III
> ____
> Dino Guy Ralph
> dinoguyralph@gmail.com