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Gasparinisuchus, new peirosaurid crocodile from Upper Cretaceous of Argentina

From: Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

Agustín G. Martinelli, Joseph J.W. Sertich, Alberto C. Garrido & Ángel
M. Praderio (2012)
A new peirosaurid from the Upper Cretaceous of Argentina: Implications
for specimens referred to Peirosaurus torminni Price (Crocodyliformes:
Cretaceous Research (advance online publication)

Two crocodyliform specimens recovered from the Upper Cretaceous of
Argentina and originally referred to Peirosaurus torminni Price from
Minas Gerais State, Brazil are reassigned to Gasparinisuchus
peirosauroides gen. et sp. nov. No unique features are shared between
the Brazilian and Argentinian specimens and many traits, including the
presence of five premaxillary teeth, a noticeably smooth perinarial
region, a lateral notch at the premaxilla–maxilla contact for the
reception of an enlarged anterior dentary tooth, and the shape of the
external nares, are widely distributed among peirosaurids and, in some
cases, other mesoeucrocodylians. Though overlapping elements are
limited to the premaxilla and the dentition, the broad, rounded
rostrum, anteroposteriorly short premaxilla, reduced perinareal fossa,
and short premaxillary interdental spaces in Gasparinisuchus
differentiate it from P. torminni. Additionally, Gasparinisuchus is
unique among peirosaurids for its broad rostrum and apparent absence
of an antorbital fenestra. Reassignment of the Argentinian material
formerly referred to Peirosaurus therefore removes one of the few
specific links between the Cretaceous terrestrial biotas of Brazil and