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Vitakridrinda and other Pakistan dinosaurs

From: Ben Creisler

I am not certain about the official publication date for these papers.
They just became available online on the Springer journal site but are
dated 2010. A quick check of the Web shows that titles have been
listed in bibliographies. In case these papers were cited but not
actually published previously, I decided to post them. Note that the
issue has a number of papers about Mesozoic fauna.

Journal of Earth Science 21 (Supplement 1):

M. Sadiq Malkani (2010)[2012?]
Vitakridrinda (Vitakrisauridae, Theropoda) from the latest Cretaceous
of Pakistan.
Journal of Earth Science 21 (Supplement 1): 204-212
DOI: 10.1007/s12583-010-0213-y

The holotyic and referred specimens of the slender and large bodied
Vitakridrinda sulaimani (Vitakrisauridae, Theropoda) were found in the
latest Cretaceous Vitakri Formation of Sulaiman Basin, Balochistan,
Pakistan. The holotypic fossil record of Vitakridrinda rostrum
demonstrates the serious confrontation between theropods which
resulted in the death of Vitakridrinda. This rostrum provides further
opportunity for the study of phylogeny, paleobiogeography, behaviors
like fighting, scavenging, predatory and interaction among theropods.

M. Sadiq Malkani (2010)[2012?]
Osteoderms of Pakisauridae and Balochisauridae (Titanosauria,
Sauropoda, Dinosauria) in Pakistan.
Journal of Earth Science 21 (Supplement 1): 198-203
DOI: 10.1007/s12583-010-0212-z

The four types of dermal armour bones/osteoderms and scutes of
Balochisauridae and Pakisauridae (Titanosauria) were found as
fragmentary in the latest Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) Vitakri Formation
of Sulaiman basin in Pakistan. Larger and smaller osteoderms from
Pakistan provide a further opportunity for correlation with the armor
bones already discovered from Madagascar, Argentina, Brazil, France,
Malawi, Romania and Spain.