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RE: Dinosaur egg-laying contributed to extinction?

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> On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 10:49 AM, Erik Boehm 
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> > So I guess the question is: how much evidence is there that 
> adolescent dinosaurs occupied different niches from the 
> mature adults in each of the major dino lineages?
> Such evidence exists for sauropods as shown in "Evidence for 
> gregarious behavior and age segregation in sauropod dinosaurs Timothy"
> by S. Myersa & Anthony R. Fiorillob. There is also the idea 
> that juvenile/subadults Tyrannosaurus Rex occupied a 
> different niche than the larger and presumably slower adults. 
> But I believe nothing was yet published about this supposed 
> hypothesis.

While it is true I have not yet published (in the formal literature) my work on 
the ontogenetic shift of tyrannosaurids, Currie
speculated on this phenomenon in Albertosaurus in:

Currie, P.J. 2000. Possible evidence of gregarious behavior in tyrannosaurids. 
Gaia 15: 271-277.

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