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RE: How truncation works, and how email plays tricks

> Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 15:43:19 -0400
> From: jeff@jeffhecht.com
> To: schenck.rob@gmail.com
> CC: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Re: How truncation works, and how ranks don't work was Re: Sauropodz 
> r kewl
> I discovered a similar magic command in Apple Mail -- Under View -->Message 
> pick PLAIN TEXT ALTERNATIVE, and a legible form of the message appears. I had 
> not thought of the possibility until it was mentioned, but it was sitting 
> right there in the menu. I suspect other email software has similar options.


Hotmail does, true...but leave it on Plain Text, and it sits there, waiting for 
you to want to reply to an email - whereupon it presents you with a reply box 
full of illegible symbols and letters.  (solution - convert to Rich Text, back 
out to the email, hit Reply again*, and re-convert to Plain Text).


* = not Send; this is an easy mistake to make, believe me.