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Re: Deinocheirus (was Sauropodz r kewl WAS: silly conversation on 2012 US presidential race)

On 4/20/2012 10:14 AM, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
Not only that: even spurless ones clobber each other with wings. Birds are a 
lot less fragile than people seem to think.

As the guy who was recently drowned by a swan would tell you, had he lived -- or any farm boy who has tangled with a goose will admit.

Wild turkeys are also something that will surprise even an adult human, should he just happen to grab one not thoroughly dead -- that said, it seems that when even the small-ish Mr. Fox gets his jaws around that long skinny neck, it is all over but the flopping.

Judging by the scat I have noticed, bobcats take turkeys rather easily...