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Re: Reply-to option for the list?

On 23 April 2012 03:20, Robert Schenck <schenck.rob@gmail.com> wrote:
> I looked through the archive and didn't see if this came up, though I
> assume it must've.
> How come dinosaur@usc.edu isn't pre-set as the automatic,
> pre-populated ' reply-to ' address for the list? Other lists can do
> this no? I figure this must've come up before in the long history of
> the list and was curious.

The current behaviour is correct.  See this detailed explanation:

The VRTPALEO list has the opposite policy, hence its constant stream
of private emails accidentally sent to the entire list -- sometimes
with professionally embarrassing consequences.

Use your email program's Reply To All function when you want to reply
to the list.

-- Mike.