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Re: Reply-to option for the list?

 The current behaviour is correct. See this detailed explanation:

Of all e-mail programs on this planet, that page (written in 2002) mentions two: Elm and Pine. I didn't even know Elm existed, and Pine is _so_ last millennium... The vast bulk of people today uses Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, or their provider's webmail interface (Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail...) and has no idea even Pine exists.

Thunderbird does distinguish "reply", "reply to all" and "reply to list". But "reply to list" is deactivated for DML messages; the DML isn't recognized as a list. Probably "reply to list" refers to lists of addresses you've made in your own address book.

 The VRTPALEO list has the opposite policy, hence its constant stream
 of private emails accidentally sent to the entire list -- sometimes
 with professionally embarrassing consequences.

I have the opposite problem. The DML makes up the bulk of my e-mails, and it's very rare that I need to write an offlist reply to a list message. Consequently, I'm so used to the procedure of clicking "reply", removing the sender's address and replacing it by "D" (which auto-fill-in completes to "DML" as the first of several options) that I sometimes do that for e-mails that have nothing to do with the DML whatsoever. The latest case was just 2 days ago.

How common is this? Is it just me?

 Use your email program's Reply To All function when you want to
 reply to the list.

When you do that, please take the extra step of removing the original author's address from the To: line. Otherwise you generate twice the traffic to congest the tubes of the Internet, twice the download time and twice the download volume -- some people still pay for those things. Indeed, the use of smartphones has secondarily increased the number of people who pay for them.