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Re: Let me be the first to announce.....

Last Winter I--and a fair number of some other paleos--got approached to
be in this show. I wonder if they found a victim among the professionals,
or just had to grab some guy off the street to be their "expert".

On Sat, April 28, 2012 3:29 am, Dan Chure wrote:
> Just saw a trailer for next Friday's riveting episode of Ancient Aliens
> of the History Two channel.  It's about how alien visitors wiped out the
> dinosaurs in order to make way for a more intelligent species. Riveting
> stuff.  And yes, about 25 years ago the now defunct Weekly World News
> ran a 2 page article entitle "Alien Hunters from Outer  Space Hunted
> Down Our Dinosaurs".  I believe I still have a copy of that somewhere.
> Teach the controversy!
> Dan

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