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RE: Let me be the first to announce.....

I sense a new Internet Meme coming on... 

"Where did the dinosaurs go?"

Crazy Hair Guy (forget his name): "Aliens"

Crackpot theories like this are the reason why I want to be a scientist. So
I can slap the stupid and crazy down. Of course, my opinion on it is that
"Ancient Aliens" show is a conspiracy theorist's dream coming true.
Television is just down hill anymore and it's sad when it could be a viable
educational outlet. I think it's more or less "what will give ratings" and
the fact that television is overly commercialized. This is part of the
reason why I do not have cable in this household. I guess that's a rant for
another day though. All I'll say is that we need more educational and
enriching programming and none of this nonsense on. I might have my dad DVR
it for me. That's mostly to just laugh and point out the flaws of the logic
amongst family and friends. 


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Last Winter I--and a fair number of some other paleos--got approached to
be in this show. I wonder if they found a victim among the professionals,
or just had to grab some guy off the street to be their "expert".

On Sat, April 28, 2012 3:29 am, Dan Chure wrote:
> Just saw a trailer for next Friday's riveting episode of Ancient Aliens
> of the History Two channel.  It's about how alien visitors wiped out the
> dinosaurs in order to make way for a more intelligent species. Riveting
> stuff.  And yes, about 25 years ago the now defunct Weekly World News
> ran a 2 page article entitle "Alien Hunters from Outer  Space Hunted
> Down Our Dinosaurs".  I believe I still have a copy of that somewhere.
> Teach the controversy!
> Dan

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