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RE: Let me be the first to announce.....

> I sense a new Internet Meme coming on... 
> "Where did the dinosaurs go?"
> Crazy Hair Guy (forget his name): "Aliens"

I think we can apply pseudo-phlyogenetics to these memes
In this case, I think "crazy hair guy ______ aliens" is the diagnostic 
character for this memes,
filling in the blank with something about dinosaurs is just intra-meme 
variation, its still the same meme

This "crazy hair guy" meme, is itself part of the larger group of 
"demotivational poster" meme (while the meme started mocking motivational 
posters, it has since diversified into many forms, many of which are not 
actually de-motivational - its sort of like classifying snakes as tetrapods.)

I don't see this dino offshoot of the "crazy hair guy ____ aliens" meme become 
large and diverse enough to justify erecting a group just to describe them.

I can see perhaps 3 variations of this, not enough to make it a meme of its own.
"Why did the dinos get so big.... Aliens"
"Why did the dinos die .... Aliens"
"Why were there big fuzzy dinos .... Aliens"

But we'll have to wait and see. Maybe the shows "evidence" will provide more 
possible variations/branches stemming from the dino node of the Crazy hair - 
aliens branch of the demotivational posters branch of the tree of Memes. 
I'm sure each point of "evidence" they present can be turned into a variation 
of the "crazy hair guy _____ aliens" - Dino-node meme

I'm going to give you a chance to start the meme, to be the first one to post 
the image, otherwise, I'm going to steal your idea and post it to a 
demotivational posters website

--- On Sat, 4/28/12, Terry Davis Jr <tyrannosaurtj@gmail.com> wrote:

> From: Terry Davis Jr <tyrannosaurtj@gmail.com>
> Subject: RE: Let me be the first to announce.....
> To: "'DML'" <dinosaur@usc.edu>, vrtpaleo@usc.edu
> Date: Saturday, April 28, 2012, 7:34 AM
> I sense a new Internet Meme coming on... 
> "Where did the dinosaurs go?"
> Crazy Hair Guy (forget his name): "Aliens"
> Crackpot theories like this are the reason why I want to be
> a scie
 Of course, my opinion
> on it is that
> "Ancient Aliens" show is a conspiracy theorist's dream
> coming true.
> Television is just down hill anymore and it's sad when it
> could be a viable
> educational outlet. I think it's more or less "what will
> give ratings" and
> the fact that television is overly commercialized. This is
> part of the
> reason why I do not have cable in this household. I guess
> that's a rant for
> another day though. All I'll say is that we need more
> educational and
> enriching programming and none of this nonsense on. I might
> have my dad DVR
> it for me. That's mostly to just laugh and point out the
> flaws of the logic
> amongst family and friends. 
> --Terry
> www.jplegacy.org
> www.njdino.com
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> Last Winter I--and a fair number of some other paleos--got
> approached to
> be in this show. I wonder if they found a victim among the
> professionals,
> or just had to grab some guy off the street to be their
> "expert".
> On Sat, April 28, 2012 3:29 am, Dan Chure wrote:
> > Just saw a trailer for next Friday's riveting episode
> of Ancient Aliens
> > of the History Two channel.  It's about how alien
> visitors wiped out the
> > dinosaurs in order to make way for a more intelligent
> species. Riveting
> > stuff.  And yes, about 25 years ago the now
> defunct Weekly World News
> > ran a 2 page article entitle "Alien Hunters from
> Outer  Space Hunted
> > Down Our Dinosaurs".  I believe I still have a
> copy of that somewhere.
> >
> > Teach the controversy!
> >
> > Dan
> >
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