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Triassic archosaur tracks

From: Ben Creisler

A couple of items related to archosaur tracks from the Triassic:

Lionel Cavin, Marco Avanzini, Massimo Bernardi, André Piuz,
Pierre-Alain Proz, Christian Meister, Jean Boissonnas and Christian A.
Meyer (2012)
New vertebrate trackways from the autochthonous cover of the Aiguilles
Rouges Massif and reevaluation of the dinosaur record in the Valais,
SW Switzerland.
Swiss Journal of Palaeontology (advance online publication)
2012, DOI: 10.1007/s13358-012-0040-0

A new tracksite located in the Mesozoic autochthonous series covering
the Aiguilles Rouges Massif, circa 7 km to the NNE of the tracksite of
the Vieux Emosson, is briefly described. The trampled bed is most
likely coeval with the outcrop in the Vieux Emosson area. Two poorly
preserved quadrupedal trackways, almost parallel, measure 9.8 and 8 m
in length, respectively. They are referred to the Chirotheriidae ABEL,
1835 form-family. A short and well-preserved quadrupedal trackway,
composed of two manus-pes couples, is assigned to Chirotherium cf.
barthii KAUP, 1835. A reinterpretation of the Vieux Emosson ichnotaxa
reveals that most tracks, if not all, belong to indeterminate
chirotheriid and that no clear evidence of dinosaur footprints is
observed. The trampled bed of the cover of the Aiguilles Rouges Massif
probably forms a megatracksite, which is Early or Middle Triassic in

This news story in German mentions a new ichnotaxon
Palaeochirotherium, with a photo. The track would come from an Early
Triassic archosaur about 3 m long.