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Funds For Dinosaur Sculpture

Hi All! -

Apologies for this sort-of-an-advertisement, but the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm is looking to raise some money to have more life-sized dinosaur sculptures made (to follow our still-in-progress _Dilophosaurus_--see http://www.kcsg.com/view/full_story/19581090/article-Dinosaur-Dilophosaurus-Brought-Back-To-Life-in-St--George?instance=home_first_stories and http://www.8newsnow.com/story/19192816/dinosaur-exhibit-opens-st-george?clienttype=printable). The museum has entered a small contest for small businesses to raise some funds, but it needs votes! Sadly, voting requires more than just clicking a button--you have to fill out a tiny bit of text, too. But if you have a spare 30 seconds, please go to http://lovealocalbusiness.intuit.com/business/St-George-Dinosaur-Discovery-Site-at-Johnson-Farm-Museum/312344?vtid=email_conf_manual_sbo and vote for us. Thanks!

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