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Ichthyosaur fossil found uncrushed with soft anatomy in France

From: Ben Creisler

Yet another ichthyosaur news item, this time from France!

According to the news story the fossil is NOT crushed flat and is
preserved in 3-D. In addition, preserved soft parts include the
digestive system, stomach, viscera, fins, and outline of the entire
body.  The animal is rolled up on itself in a nodule
It was found by a team of French, English, and Estonian paleontologist
in a limestone quarry in Beaujolais in the Rhone region. The
ichthyosaur lived about 180 million years ago and was about 3 meters


photo of nodule (not much to look at without preparation)

New German Ichthyosaur correction:

After additional checking, it would appear that the skull photo of an
ichthyosaur from a news story I cited last week IS the skull of the
new ichthyosaur from Germany, but apparently taken from an different
angle that makes it appear shorter and broader than in the more recent
photos. I made a comment earlier this week that it might not be the
same specimen but that appears to be incorrect. Different views of the
new skull can be seen at this blog site: