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Dalianraptor - a composite?

This has been bubbling away for a while now, but the issue of the
composite nature of the basal avialan _Dalianraptor_ surfaced recently
at Darren Naish's _Tetrapod Zoology_ blog:


With a follow-up by Matthew Martyniuk at DinoGoss:


Although not yet official, it appears that the type specimen of
_Dalianraptor cuhe_ is a deliberate chimera: a probable _Jeholornis_
specimen with the wings replaced with (much) shorter forelimbs from a
non-avian theropod.  Fiendishly clever.  The _Jeholornis palmapenis_
description by O'Connor et al. mentioned that _Dalianraptor_ had been
"tampered" with, but no details were provided.  Darren is more
explicit: "Meanwhile, long-tailed, short-armed _Dalianraptor_ - mooted
in my text as a possibly flightless relative of Jeholornis - turns out
to be a composite, its short arms being from a non-avialan

The suggestion that short-armed _Dalianraptor_ was a secondarily
flightless jeholornithid was somewhat uncertain from the beginning -
because it's not clear that long-armed _Jeholornis_ itself was capable
of powered flight.  Now there are short odds that _Dalianraptor_ (sans
undersized forelimbs) is merely a "normal" _Jeholornis_.