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Re: News: Dog finds sail-back synapsid fossil from Carboniferous in Nova Scotia

Unsurprisingly, Jocelyn is right. The ribcage fits a temnospondyl, the shoulder girdle is a textbook example of a well-ossified temnospondyl (but would also fit various early amniotes), and the skull can't be anything but a temnospondyl. The notch is impossible to overlook, and the shape of the whole thing fits *Dendrerpeton* nicely. I don't have the copious literature on *Dendrerpeton* here, but from memory I can't find anything that would prevent the new find from being an unusually complete individual of *Dendrerpeton*, an early, vaguely basal temnospondyl. I'll look it up tomorrow if nobody beats me to it.

I agree the thing in the huge eye socket (which fits *Dendrerpeton* again) is part of the sclerotic ring.

sclerotic ring (unknown in  synapsids).

...True! I never noticed!