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Paper Request: CJES Vol. 47, Albertosaurus Special Edition

Hey Dino folks

I am looking for the following papers from the CJES Vol. 47 (2010),
Albertosaurus Special Edition:

Philip J. Currie, David A. Eberth.
On gregarious behavior in Albertosaurus.
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 2010, 47:1277-1289

Gregory M. Erickson, Philip J. Currie, Brian D. Inouye, Alice A. Winn.
A revised life table and survivorship curve for Albertosaurus
sarcophagus based on the Dry Island mass death assemblage.
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 2010, 47:1269-1275

Derek W. Larson, Donald B. Brinkman, Phil R. Bell.
Faunal assemblages from the upper Horseshoe Canyon Formation, an early
Maastrichtian cool-climate assemblage from Alberta, with special
reference to the Albertosaurus sarcophagus bonebed.
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 2010, 47:1159-1181

If somebody could share the pdf's would be really great.
Alternatively, does anybody have a hint where a hardcopy of this
publication can be still obtained ? Seems to be out of print.