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Re: Looking for paper on Maastrichtian Beringia land bridge completeness

I have serious doubts that such a paper exists. Sadly, detailed regional
paleogeographic reconstructions of Beringia are REALLY problematic for a
number of reasons:

* This area is a patchwork of microplates, not all of which were
necessarily attached to the continental masses by the end of the
Cretaceous. Microplates are notoriously hard to deal with in specific fine
details (as opposed to larger cratons).

Much of the relevant field are is currently unexplored, because:
 -- Alaska is a frightfully big place with relatively few field workers
 -- Much of the regional fieldwork is proprietary information of
 -- Some of the key places we'd want to explore are currently underwater.

If someone HAS a good paper on it, I'd love to see it, too. But this level
of paleogeographic detail is very rarely available for most spots, sadly.

On Fri, August 17, 2012 5:54 pm, GSP1954@aol.com wrote:
> I am looking for a paper that specifically addresses how complete the
> Bering land bridge was or was not in the late Maastrichtian when
> Triceratops and
> Tyrannosaurs were out and about. If anyone knows please let me know.
> GSPaul</HTML>

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