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Re: Looking for paper on Maastrichtian Beringia land bridge completeness

From: Ben Creisler

Note that a preview version of the article can be seen here, showing
small versions of the maps:


It turns out there is a way cool recent paper that shows there was a Bering
land bridge in most of the late Cretaceous including the late
Maastrichtian. It has lots of nifty spiffy maps and everything. And
best of all they cite
my 1988 paper on polar dinosaur migration! What more could the fellow
examining potential dispersal patterns of very latest Mesozoic tyrannosaurids

Y Zakharov et al. 2011 Cretaceous climatic oscillations in the Bering area
(2 lazy 2 type rest title) Sedimentary Geology 235: 122-131.

This is interesting because lots of paleomaps show the bridge incomplete
back in the day, including the Campanian one in my field guide, curses.