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RE: Huge Trike from Alberta

Hi all.

As far as I know - and I may be wrong because I haven't talked to Francois in 
about a week - there is no skull material found with this new 'huge trike'. It 
is not articulated or even associated, but is a jumble of ribs and verts. 

This is another instance of the media getting it wrong and running with it. The 
Calgary news even said that it was found by a crew creating a road cut, but it 
was actually found by Tim Schowalter (who used to work for the Tyrrell) on a 
road cut that's been around for decades. 

It's still an exciting find, and hopefully when the jacket is prepped they'll 
find some skull material, but I wouldn't hold my breath.


Patty Ralrick, MSc
Volunteer research assistant
Royal Tyrrell Museum
Drumheller, AB, Canada

"Talking isn't something you can do judiciously unless you keep in practice." - 
Mr. Gutman (Sydney Greenstreet) in "Maltese Falcon"