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FW: Book List on Paleontology from China-New!

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New Book Introduction
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Paleontological Fossils of Gansu Province
甘肃古生物化石 In English and Chinese
By Han Bowen
 Published in 2012
 ISBN: 078-7-03-033480-0
 Page: 228 pages
 Size: 210x280mm, softcover
 Price: $88

1. Foreword
2. An Introduction to the Permanent Exhiitions in Gansu Provincial Museum
3. Preface
4. Paleozoic Era-Eruption of Invertebrates
(1) Cambrian Period
(2) Ordovician Period
(3) Silurian Period
(4) Devonian Period
(5) Carboniferous Period
(6) Permian Period
5. Mesozoic Era-Thriving and Prosperous Time of Reptile
(1) Triassic Period
(2) Jurassic Period
(3) Cretaceous Period
6. Cenozoic Era-Happy Time of Mammal
(1) Paleogene Period
(2) Neogene Period
(3) Pleistocene and Holocene
7. Epilogue
8. Postscript

On the Dinosaur Tracks from the Lower Cretaceous of Otog Qi, Inner Mongolia 
Language: In Chinese with English abstract
 Author: Li Jianjun 
Pub. Date: 2011 
Format: Paperback; 185x260mm; 109 pages +8 plates
 Price: US$25.00 ISBN: 7116071827
The Chabu area, where most dinosaur and bird tracksites are found, is located 
in South-west of Otog Qi. At present thousands of tracks are known from 16 
different track sites, distributed in more than 400 square meters in Chabu 
area. The theropod tracks that are the most in the study area, have been 
recognized in all 16 track sites, but the sauropod tracks have been only found 
in Tracksites 5, 6 and 8, and bird tracks have been reported from Tracksites 
1,4, 5 and 15. The all 16 tracksites will be detailedly described in this paper.
>From more than 1500 dinisaur tracks and more than 100 bird track fossils, 5 
>ichnotaxa are recognized, including theropods, Chapus lockleyi, Asianopodus, 
>Grallator, sauropod Brontopodus birdi and birds Aquatilavipes swiboldae a new 
>species has been recognized and named as Asianopodus robustus sp.nov.
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Study History of the Dinosaur Footprints and study terms
Chapter 3 Study history of Dinosaur Footprints and Geological Setting in Otog Qi
Chapter 4 Description of the Tracksites in Qab region of Otog Qi
Chapter 5 Systematic of the Dinosaur Footprints in Qab region of Otog Qi
Chapter 6 Paleoenvironmental, and stratigraphical Importance of the Dinosaur 
Footprints in Qab region of Otog Qi
Chapter 7 Conclusion
Abstract in English
 Silent Stories-Insect fossil Treasures from Dinosaur Era of the Northeastern 
沉默的故事―中国东北恐龙时代的昆虫化石 In English
 Author: Ren Dong 
Pub. Date: 2010 
Format: Hardcover; 195x280mm; 322 pages
 Price: US$120.00 ISBN: 7-03-028191-3

Insect fossil treasures from the dinosaur era (165 to 130 Ma) in northeastern 
China are showcased in this book with their silent stories. Not only their 
taxonomy and morphology, but also their potential implications on natural 
sciences are presented here. Besides academic science, we highlight popular 
science by providing information on extant insects and insect-related stories. 
Elegant and beautiful photos of fossil and extant insects are shown to 
illustrated our stories while serving as visual arts. In addition to the 18 
insect orders (Chapters 5 to 22), the book also covers fossil sites (1 and 4 ), 
palaeogeology (2), co-existing animals and plants (3), palaeo-ecosystems (23), 
pollination and “flower” visits (24) and insect mimicry (25). Judging by the 
high diversity and the large population of the fossil insects, insects have 
certainly played critical roles in the evolution and eco-systems over eons, 
which in turn have made insect a highly successful class. Intended to !
appeal to a broad spectrum of readers (such as palaeontologists, entomologists, 
evolutionists, palaeoecologists, fossil collectors, naturalists, hobbyists and 
students), we hope that readers will have fun while gaining new understanding 
and enjoying the artistic presentations. New fossil findings and further 
studies will continue to expand knowledge and deepen understanding in these 
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 The Upper Mesozoic Stratigraphic Characteristics in Northeastern China
Chapter 3 Well-Balanced Eco-systems
Chapter 4 Insects-On the Spot Light
Chapter 5 Ephemeroptera-A Short life to live
Chapter 6 Odonata-Terminators with Wings
Chapter 7 Plecoptera-Indicator of Water Quality
Chapter 8 Blattodea-Survivors of the Fittest
Chapter 9 Grylloblattodea-Rare Living Fossils
Chapter 10 Dermaptera-Mystery at Night
Chapter 11 Orthoptera-The sound of Chirping
Chapter 12 Chresmodidae-Skiing on Water
Chapter 13 Phasmatodea-Swaying in the Wind
Chapter 14 Homoptera-17 Years Underground
Chapter 15 Heteroptera-Smelly Defense or Piercing Offense
Chapter 16 Raphidioptera-Loking Out and Looking Forward
Chapter 17 Neuroptera-Grace with Lace
Chapter 18 Coleoptera-Sacred, Precious and Strong
Chapter 19 Mecoptera-Stinger with out the Sting
Chapter 20 Diptera-“Vampires” for Dinosaurs
Chapter 21 Trichoptera-Mobile Home Builder
Chapter 22 Hymenoptera-Pollinators’ Contribution
Chapter 23 Reconstruction of Palaeoecology for Insect Faunas
Chapter 24 Pollination and “Flower” Visits
Chapter 25 Mimicry

Dinosaurs in Asia
亚洲恐龙 In Chinese and English bilingual
Author: Dong Zhiming 
Pub. Date: 2009 
Format: Hardcover; 195*270mm; 286 pages
 Price: US$95.00 ISBN: 7-5416-3439-0

This book provides a comprehensive discussion of Asian dinosaur research 
history. More than 600 photographs and illustrations will help readers to 
travel back in time to explore the lost world of dinosaurs, those from China in 
particular. The readers will also learn stories about how scholars and 
amateurs, who worked very hard in Asia for generations, have brought these 
magnificent creatures back to life. We encourage future enthusiast to continue 
in writing a new history of dinosaur panorama of our continent. In order to 
make the reading of this book easier the appendices contain lists f all known 
Asian dinosaurs and the index the local names mentioned in this book.
1. Foreward
2. Introduction
3. Dinosaurs of India
(1) The Dharmaram Formation of the Early Jurassic In Southern India
(2) The Kota Formation of the Early Jurassic of Central India
(3) The Lameta Formation of the Late Cretaceous
4. Dinosaurs of Northeast Asia-Russian Discoveries
5. Hunting Dinosaurs in the Gobi Desert
(1) The First Paleontological Conquest of the Mongolian Gobi-Central Asiatic 
(2) Nemegt-A Russian Discovery
(3) The Polish-Mongolian Paleontological Expedition: Victory of the Three Women
(4) Western Scientists Return to Gobi
(5) Ukhaa Tolgod: A New Success of American Paleontologists
(6) Chinese-Japanese-Mongolian Mongolian Plateau Dinosaur Expedition
6. Digging Dinosaurs in China
(1) J. Gunnar Andersson and Otto Zdansky in China
(2) Sino-Swedish Scientific Expedition in Northwestern China
(3) C.C.Young the Pioneer of Chinese Dinosaurology
(4) IVPP-The Chinese Center for Dinosaur Research
(5) A co-operation during the Conflict time, the Sino-Soviet Paleontological 
Expedition (1959-1960)
(6) Successful IVPP Exploration in Xinjiang
(7) A Special Museum-the Zigong Dinosaur Museum in Sichuan
(8) Searching for T/K Boundary in China
(9) Sino-Canadian Dinosaur Project (1986-1990)
(10) The Sino-Japanese Silk Road Dinosaur Expedition (1992-1993)
(11) The Sino-Belgium Dinosaur Expedition (1995-2000)
(12) Dinosaurs in Gansu and Henan
7. The Feathered dinosaurs and Birds, Discovering Chinese “Solnhfen”
8. Dinosaur eggs in China
9. Dinosaur footprints in China
10. Dinosaurs of Indochina
(1) Dinosaur from Laos
(2) Dinosaurs of Thailand
11. The Developments of Japanese Dinosaur Researches
12. Dinosaur Remains of the Korean Peninsula
13. Postscript and Acknowledgment
14. List of Dinosaurs in Asia

Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of Vertebrate 
第十二届中国古脊椎动物学学术年会论文集 In Chinese with English summary
Author: Dong Wei 
Pub. Date: 2010 
Format: Hardcover; 185x260mm; 307 pages
 Price: US$35.00 ISBN: 978-7-5027-7798-2


1.A Review on the Study of Carboniferous-Permian Vertebrates in China
2. The Evolution and Biogeographic History of Lambeosaurine 
Hadrosaurids(Dinosauria: Ornithischia)
3. The Discrimination of Bird’s Life Habit according to Measure index of bones 
using Artificial neural Network
4. A brief Review on the Pleistocene mammalian faunas in the three gorges area
5. The variations of limb bones in the male and the female equus hemionus
6. The Pleistocene mammalian faunas in northeastern China and related 
paleonvironment Changes
7. Early Pleistocene artiodactyls from boyueshan, Chongzuo, Guangxi, Southern 
8. The giant panda from the yunxian man site
9. Habitat characters and population evolution of Giant panda
10. Note on two species of small mammals from the Mashandong cave deposits in 
Chaoyang, Liaoning Province, China
11. Late Pleistocene mammalian fauna from Yangjiapuo Cave, Jianshi, Hubei
12. Exploring the craniofacial morphology of bronze age-iron age of 
Shanshanyanghai Populations in Xinjiang
13.Virtual and Real 3D Reconstruction of Fossil Specimens
14. An analysis of Micro-Wears on Animal Bones by Obsidian Artifacts
15. On the new Discovery at Majuangou Sites, Nihewan Basin
16. On the Xujiayao Paleolithic archeological site, nihewan basin
17. Paleolithic in xinzhou city, shanxi Province
18. Discovery of Paleoliths at duzhuang, datong city in Shanxi Province
19. Research on the technique of the microlithics from jilin Province
20. Preliminary report on the excavation of the honghuoshan palaeolithic site 
at baise (BOSE), South China
21. A primary study on lithic industry of northern Jiangsu and southern 
Shandong in late Pleistocene
22. The stone artifacts of new find in Hainan province
23. Comments on the Earliest artefacts from Eurasia
24. Virtual 3D Museum for fossil specimens
25. Study on status of development of Chinese Vertebrate paleontology by 
analysis of articles on Nature and Science
26. Criticizing darwin’s evolutionism with scientific concept of development
27. Consideration on the measurement of mandibular body thickness
28. Dentition Length of Chinese in Holocene
29. An overview on the Cretaceous dinosaurs and their eggs from laiyang, 
Shandong province, China
30. Postscript


Dinosaur Eggs and Skeletons from Henan Province in China
中国河南恐龙蛋和恐龙化石 In Chinese with English summary
By Wang Deyou
 Published in 2008
 ISBN: 7-116-05721-0
 Page: 320 pages
 Size: 215x295mm,hardback

There are about 50 Mesozoic and Mesozoic-Cenozoic basins and depressions with 
the total area of 63000km2, which accounts for 37.12 per cent of the total area 
in Henan province. They are mainly the Xixia Basin, Xichuan Basin, Liguanqiao 
Depression, Xiaguan-Gaoqiu Basin, Wulichuan Basin, Tantou Basin, Xiangcheng 
Depression, Ruyang Depression, Luoshan Depression, Pingchangguan Depression, 
Luoyang Depression, Mashiping Basin, Liushan Basin, Yangji Basin, Nanyang 
Depression, Rendian Basin, Waxuezi Basin, Sanmenxia Depression, Shenqiu 
Depression etc.
Based on “The Research on Geology and Paleoenvironment Evolution of Dinosaur 
Egg-bearing Red Rock Series during the Late Cretaceous in Henan Province” 
(1997), The book introduces the present situation and research level on 
dinosaur eggs more systemically and generally after together the study results 
of our own and other scholars in more than ten years after the 30th 
international Geological Congress. It mainly deals with the characteristics and 
distribution regularity of dinosaur eggs, the representative strata profile of 
dinosaur egg-bearing, the stratigraphic division and their correlation, the 
taphonomy and palaeoecology of dinosaur eggs, other fossils of cooccurence with 
dinosaur eggs and their association characteristics, analyses on red beds 
faulted sedimentary basin, the age of dinosaur egg colony, the geological 
boundary line of Cretaceous and Paleogene, Mass extinction of dinosaurs and 
catastrophic event on the earth, dinosaurs in Henan Province, and the ecologic!
al behavior and life mode, etc.
Chapter 1 The Study of Strata
Chapter 2 The Origin and Evolution of Dinosaurs
Chapter 3 The Ecological Behaviour and Life Style of Dinosaurs
Chapter 4 Discovery, Research, Classification and Characteristics of Dinosaur 
Chapter 5 The Other Associated Fossils with Dinosaur Eggs and their 
Chapter 6 The Distributive Patterns of Dinosaur Eggs
Chapter 7 The Chronology of Dinosaur Egg Colony and the K/E Boundary
Chapter 8 The Taphonomy and Paleoecology of Dinosaur Eggs
Chapter 9 Analyses on Faulted Sedimentary Basin of Red Beds
Chapter 10 The Dinosaur Skeletons in Henan Province
Chapter 11 Mass Extinction of Dinosaurs and Global Catastrophic Event
(1)Common dinosaurs in China (Chinese-Latin and Latin-Chinese)
(2)Common dinosaurs in the world (Latin-Chinese)
(3)Common Dinosaur egg fossils in China (Chinese-Latin and Latin-Chinese)
(4)Common dinosaur fossils

The Dinosaur eggs fossils in Nanyang, China
Language: In Chinese and English illustration
Author: By Zhou Shiquan 
Publication date: 2005/ Size: 215x305mm, Hardcover 
Page: 100pages+40plates 
Price:US$65.00 ISBN: 756252033

The Research on the Groups of Fossil Dinosaur Eggs in Henan Province
Language: Chinese with English summary
Author: Cultural Relics Adminstrative Bureau of Henan Province 
Publication date: 1998/ Size: 185x260mm, Hardcover
Pages: 124pages+32 plates
Price:US$35.00 ISBN:753491986X

Fossils of Chaoyang
朝阳化石 In Chinese with Latin Name
Author: Xiu Pu 
Pub. Date: 2007 
Format: Hardcover; 185x260mm; 120 pages
Price: US$55.00 ISBN: 7-5046-4673-6
Entering the Jehol Biota-Chaoyang China
走进热河生物群――中国朝阳 In Chinese and English
By Jiang Haihe
Published in 2005
Page: 108 pages
ISBN: 7-5384-1999-3
Price: $50
The book systematically introduces the expeditions and studies of the Chaoyang 
fossils in recent years. It is an indispensable material for people to know 
Chaoyang, it is also a gateway for people who are eager to explore the global 
mysteries to enter this “fossil thesaurus”. Meanwhile, this book is helpful to 
some extent for the researches in the fields of paleogeography, paleoclimate 
and paleoecology. 
Heyuan Dinosaurs 
河源恐龙 In Chinese and English
Author: Huang Dong 
Publication Date: 2005 Size: 195x270mm 
Number of Pages: 105 with figures Binding: Paperback
US$45.00 ISBN: 7-80654-931-5
Heyuan dinosaurs uses photos as its main thread. It records the whole process 
of the discovery of the Heyuan dinosaurs. The picture album employs detailed 
information and concise language to transcribe the history of Heyuan dinosaur 
excavation, research protection and exploitation.
“Heyuan Dinosaurs” is divided into six parts: attention, excavation, 
protection, storage, research and popular science and these were recorded by 
different cameras. The aim of the editors of this book is to summarize the 
material accumulated previously. This provides an introduction for the 2005 
Heyuan International Dinosaur Symposium, as well as for those who care about 
the Heyuan dinosaur protection work. In the meantime, we hope to use this 
beautiful Chinese-English atlas as medium to communicate with national and 
international antiquities workers, and to make sure that the Heyuan People’s 
invaluable resources that were bestowed by nature are well protected, 
well-studied and fully utilized.
Collections of the most astonishing fossils in the world from western Liaoning 
 China ?CThe Roots of Life and Spirit in Ancient Times 
中国辽西古生物化石的世界之最―生灵之祖 In Chinese and English
Author: Zhang Dianshuang 
Publication Date: 2006 Size: 185x260mm 
Number of Pages: 76 with figures Binding: Hardcover
US$38.00 ISBN: 7-5382-7857-5
Western Liaoing Province would have remained unnoticed if not for its fossils 
which have astonished world paleontologists again and again. Now, it has become 
a world treasure house of fossils. Today, while entering into this wonderful 
land and tracing evidences of ancient lives and spirits, a miracle lost for a 
hundred million years emerges again; we cannot stop asking: may we know my past 
life and spirit here again…
Paleonenvironmental Reconstruction of Mesozoic Dinosaurs Fauna in Sichuan Basin 
四川盆地中生代恐???游锶汗怒h境重建 In Chinese with English summary
Author: Wang Quanwei, Liang Bin 
Publication Date: 2008 Size: 190x270 mm 
Number of Pages: 189 with plates Binding: Hardcover
US$20.00 ISBN: 978-7-116-05575-9

Papers from the 2005 Heyuan International Dinosaur Symposium 
Language: English 
Author: Edited by Lu Junchuang et al. 
Publication date: 2006 
Size: 185x260mm,Paperback
Page: 215 pages 
Price: US$38.00 ISBN: 7116049800
Pterosaurs from China
Language: Chinese with Latin name 
Author: By Lu Junchang et al. 
Publication date: 2006 / Size: 185x260mm, Paperback
Page: 145 pages
Price:US$25.00 ISBN: 7116050256
Jurassic Dinosaur Faunas in Zigong 
Language: Chinese with English summary
Author: Peng Guangzhao 
Publication date: 2005 /Size: 185x260mm, Hardcover
Page: 236 pages 
Price:US$55.00 ISBN: 7-220-07051-9
Reports of Paleonotogical Expedition to Sinkiang(II)―Peterosaurian Fauna from 
Wuerho, Sinkiang
Language: Chinese with English summary
Author: Edited by Dong Zhiming 
Publication date: 1973 /Size: 185x260mm, Paperback
Page: 51pages+17plates
Dinosaur Egg Fossils in Xixia, Henan Province (Xixia Konglong Dangu Huashiqun)
西?{恐??蛋骨化石群 In Chinese
Author: Zhang Xinhai and Min Yanpei 
Publication Date: 1994 Size: 130*185mm 
Number of Pages: 239 pages with figures Binding: Paperback
Subject(s): Vertebrate Paleontology 
The Lufeng Saurischian Fauna in China -Palaeontologia Sinica (Whole No. 134, 
New Series C No.13) (E-Book)
禄丰蜥龙动物群 In English
Author: C.C.Young 
Publication Date: 1951 Size: 210x260mm 
Number of Pages: 96 pages + XII plates Binding: Paperback
Annals of the Dinosaur Fossils from Zigong
Language: Chinese and English introduction
Author: By Guo Yunlin 
Publication date: 1993/ Size: 130x185mm, Hardcover
Page: 219 pages + 64 plates 
Price:US$18.00 ISBN: 7536425554
Dinosaur of Sichuan
Language: Chinese
Author: By Zhou Shiwu 
Publication date: 1996 /Size: 130x185mm, Hardcover 
Page: 89 pages +6 color photo 
Price:US$18.00 ISBN: 753663563X
Geologic Tripping Guidebook to Zigong Dinosaur and the Karst landscape in South 
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
Author: By Chen Maoxun 
Publication date: 1991/ Size: 140x210mm, Paperback
Page: 88 pages + 8 plates 
Price:US$15.00 ISBN: 7561610386
Dinosaur Footprints from Mesozoic of Sichuan Basin
Language: Chinese
Author: Yang Xinglong and Yang Daihuan 
Publication date: 1987 
Binding: Hardcover
Price:US$22.00 ISBN: 7-5364-0914-9
A New Complete OS-Teology of Prosaurpoda In Lufeng basin Yunnon China 
---Jingshanosanrus (E-Book)
Language: Chinese with English summary
Author: Zhuang Yihong and Yang Zhaolong 
Publication date: 1995/ Size: 185x260mm, Hardcover
Page: 100pages 
Price:US$28.00 ISBN: 7541606952 
Dinosaurs from China
中国恐龙(Zhongguo Konglong) 
Language: text in Chinese with a summary in English
Author: Zhen, Shuonan (甄朔南) 
Publication date: 1997 /Size: 5.7 x 8.2, Hardcover
Pages 297 pp.10 color illustrations 
Price:US$18.00 ISBN: 7542815601(Shanghai
Oviraptorid Dinosaurs from Southern China
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
Author: Lu Junchang 
Publication date: 2005 /Size: 185x260mm, Paperback 
Page: 200 pages + 8 plates 
Price:US$28.00 ISBN: 7116043683 
Lufeng Dinosaur(E-Book)
Language: Chinese
Author: Dong Zhiming 
Publication date: 2003, Hardcover
Page: 63 Pages 
Price:US$12.00 ISBN: 7-5416-1893-4 
Palaeontologia Sinica (Whole Number 162, New Series C, Number 23) 
The Dinosaurian Remains From Sichuan Basin, China
Language: Chinese with English summary
Author: Dong Zhiming&Zhou Shiwu 
Publication date: 1983 /Size: 193x267mm, Hardcover
Pages: 145 pages+44 plates 
Dinosaurs from China
Language: English
Author: Dong Zhiming 
Publication date: 1988 /Size: 260x260mm, Hardcover
Page: 114 pages 
The Dinosaur fossils of Gansu 
Language: Chinese
Author: Zhang Xing 
Publication date: 2002 /Size: 140x210mm, Paperback
Page: 184 pages 
Price:US$35.00 ISBN:7311020220
The Characteristics of the Composition of the Trace Elements in 
Jurassic Dinosaur Bones and Red Beds in Sichuan Basin
Language: Chinese with English summary
Author: Li Kui 
Publication date: 1999 /Size: 180x260mm, Hardcover 
Page: 155 pages 
Price:US$25.00 ISBN:7116028757
The Middle Jurassic Dinosaur Fauna from Dashanpu, Zigong, Sichua(5 volume set)
Language: Chinese with English summary 
Publication date: 1984 /Size: 180x260mm, Paperback
Mamenchisaurus Hechuan 
Language: Chinese
Author: Yang Zhongjian 
Publication date: 1972 /Size: 185x260mm, Hardcover
Page: 30 pages +15 plates 
The First Mamenchisaurian Skeleton with Complete Skull Mamenchisaurus Youngi
Language: Chinese with English summary
Author: Ouyang Hui and Ye Yong 
Publication date: 2002 
Page: 110pp+20 plates 
Binding: Hardcover
Price:US$25.00 ISBN:7-5364-4871-6
A complete Carnosau Skeleton From Zigong, Sichuan- Yangchuanosaurus Hepingensis
Language: Chinese with English summary
Author: Gao Yuhui 
Publication date: 1999/ Size: 185x260mm, Paperback
Page: 80pp+33figures, 16 tables and 20plates 
Price:US$25.00 ISBN:7-5364-4306-4
Omeisaurus maoianus-A Complete Sauropoda from Jingyan, Sichuan
Language: Chinese with English summary
Author: Tang Feng 
Publication date: 2001/Size: 185x260mm, Paperback
Page: 112 pages +16 plates , 53 figs 
Price:US$24.00 ISBN: 7-5027-5382-6
Before Dinosaurs - Land Vertebrates of China 2000 Million Years Ago
Language: English
Author: Ailing Sun 
Publication date: 1988/Size: 250x250mm, Hardcover
Page: 113, 113photos, 17 diags color illustrated 
Price:US$23.00 ISBN: 7502703985 
The Fossils of China (Second Edition) 
古生物精品大典:中??化石 In Chinese and English bilingual
Author: Chief Editor: He Zhang 
Publication Date: 2007 Size: 220x290mm 
Number of Pages: 500 pages with color photos Binding: Hardcover
US$180.00 ISBN: 978-7-5625-2173-0
Palaeontologia Sinica Whole Number 193, New Series C, Number 29 
Paracerathere Fossils of China
中国古生物志 总号 第193册 新丙种 第29号 中国的巨犀化石 
In Chinese and English bilingual
By Qiu Zhanxiang and Wang Banyue 
Publication date: 2007 
Size: 210×295mm, paperback
Number of Pages: 396 with figures and 46 plates 
Price: US$65.00 
ISBN: 978-7-03-019127-4
Palaeontologia Sinica( Whole Number 192, New Series C, Number 28)
Fossil Mammals from Early Eocene Wutu Formation of Shandong Province
中国古生物志 总号第192册 新丙种第28号 山东昌乐五图盆地早始新世哺乳动物群
In Chinese with English summary
By Tong Yongsheng & Wang Yingwen 
Publication date: 2006 
Size: 185x260mm, paperback
Page: 201 pages+11 plates 
Price: US$35.00
ISBN: 7030168941
Palaeontologia Sinica (Whole Number 191, New Series C, Number 27)
Early Pleistocene Mammalian Fauna from Longdan, Dongxiang, Gansu, China 
甘肃东乡龙担早更新世哺乳动物群 In Chinese with English summary
By Qiu Zhanxiang 
Publication date: 2004 
Size: 295x210mm, paperback
Page: 198 pages + 34 plates 
Price: US$55.00 
The Fossil Animals Of China
In Chinese-English-Japanese
By Guan Jian 
Publication date: 1998 
Size: 280x210mm,hardback
Page: 197 pages ,about 550 color pictures 
Price: US$85.00 
Archaeological Discovery and Research of Quaternary Mammalian Fossils in Fujian
福建第四纪哺乳动物化石考古发现与研究 In Chinese with English summary
By Fan Xuechun & Zheng Guozhen 
Publication date: 2006 
Size: 190x270mm,hardback
Page: 206 pages 
Price: US$45.00
ISBN: 7030181492
The Jehol Biota-The Emergence of Feathered Dinosaurs, Beaked Birds and 
Flowering Plants
In English
By Mee-mann Chang 
Publication date: 2003 
Size: 280x290mm,hardback 
Page: 208 pages
Price: US$130.00
ISBN: 7532373185
Jehol Biota 热河生物群
Language: Chinese with English summary
By Chen Pei-ji 
Publication date: 1999 
Size: 185x260mm,paperback 
Page: 342 pages+ Plates 
Price: US$55.00 
Jehol Biota-Splendid Lives From More Than 100 Million Years Ago
热河生物群 In Chinese
By Zhang Miman 
Publication date: 2001 
Size: 290x215mm,hardback 
Page: 150 pages+183 figs 
Price: US$58.00 
The Fossil Selection of Extinct Organism of Guizhou
Language: Chinese with English summary,Latin names
Publication date: 2006/Size: 240x305mm 
Page: 179 pages 
Binding: Special
Price:US$128.00 ISBN: 7221072280 
Fossil Treasures from Liaoning
Language: Chinese and English bilingual 
Author: Wu Qicheng 
Publication date: 2002/Size: 185x260mm, Hardcover
Page: 138 pages 
Price:US$88.00 ISBN:7116035524
The Chinese Fossil Reptiles and Their Kin (Second Edition) 
In English
Author: Edited by Li Jinling and Wu Xiaochun 
Publication Date: 2008 Size: 195x270mm 
Number of Pages: 473 pages with figures Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-7-03-021289-4
Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of Vertebrate 
Language: Chinese with English summary
Author: Wang Yuanqing 
Publication date: 1999/ Size: 180x260mm, Paperback 
Page: 274 Pages 
Price:US$32.00 ISBN:7-5027-4538-6 
Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of Vertebrate 
Language: Chinese with English summary
Author: Deng Tao 
Publication date: 2001/ Size: 260x185mm, Paperback
Page: 301 Pages
Price:US$45.00 ISBN: 7-5027-5370-2 
Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of Vertebrate 
 第九届中国古脊椎动物学学术年会论文集 in Chinese with English Abstract
Author: Dong Wei 
Publication Date: 2004 Size: 185x260mm 
Number of Pages: 307 Binding: Hardcover
Subject(s): Vertebrate Paleontology 
Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of Vertebrate 
Language: Chinese with English summary
Author: By Dong Wei 
Publication date: 2006 /Size: 185x260mm, Paperback
Page: 315 pages 
Price:US$35.00 ISBN: 7-5027-6675-8
Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of Vertebrate 
 第十一?弥???古脊椎?游??W?W?g年????文集 In Chinese with English abstracts 
Author: Dong Wei 
Publication Date: 2008 Size: 185x260mm 
Number of Pages: 271 pages with figures Binding: Paperback
US$35.00 ISBN: 978-7-5027-7071-6

Cambrian and Ordovician Conodonts in China
中国寒武纪和奥陶纪牙形刺 in Chinese with English summary
By Wang Zhihao
 Publish in 2011
 Page: 388 pages + 184 plates
 Size: 210x285mm. hardback
 Price: $118

The volume is in nine chapters and chapters 1-8 deal with the study history of 
Cambrian and Ordovician conodonts, orphology and internal composition, 
interpretation and taxonomy, assemblage and apparatus, classification, 
bioprovinces, biostratigraphy and diversity. The final part is the systematic 
description of Cambrian and Ordovician conodonts of China. It summarizes 
conodont taxa published before 2010 in China. A total of 137 genera and 515 
species including subspecies are basically collected and re-described.
1. Preface
2. A briefly history of study
3. A brief introduction of morphology and composition of Cambrian and 
Ordovician conodonts
4. Interpretation and Taxonomy of conodonts
5. Assemblage and apparatus of conodonts
6. Classification of Cambrian and Ordovician conodonts
7. Bio-provinces of Cambrian and Ordovician Conodonts
8. Biostratigraphy of Cambrian and Ordovician conodonts
9. Diversity of Ordovician conodonts
10. Systematic description of Conodonts
11. References
12. Index of generic and specific names
Upper Famennian to Visean Foraminifers and some carbonate Microproblematica 
from South China
-----Hunan, Guangxi and Guizhou
 In English
By Luc Hance
 Published in 2011
 ISBN: 978-7-116-07409-5
 Page: 359 pages
 Size: 185x260mm, hardback
 Price: $130

The present volume provides a synthesis of the foraminiferal studies conducted 
on the Mississippian of South China as a scientific cooperation between the 
Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Belgium scientific institutions and 
individual scientists between 1985 and 2009. The foraminifers and their 
biostratigraphy constitute the main part of the work, but additional 
information on conodonts, corals and incertae sedis is also given. The samples 
which constitute the basis of theis study were collected in Hunan, Guangxi and 
Guizhou provinces and region.
The foraminifer biozonation of Belgium is emended in the light of the Chinese 
data. The main changes concern the Tournaisian zones MFZ4 to MFZ6, much better 
documented in South China, and MFZ11 which is only partially recorded in the 
Franco-Belgian Basin. The upper boundary of this zone indeed coincides with a 
major sequence boundary in Belgium, corresponding to a significant 
stratigraphic gap.
1. Introduction
2. Palaeogeographical setting
3. Foraminiferal succession in the Upper Famennian to Visean of South China
3.1 Previous works
3.2 Devonian
3.3 Lower Carboniferous
4. Description of the investigated sections
4.1 Malanbian-Hunan Province
4.2 Zhouwangpu-Hunan Province
4.3 Sujiaping-Hunan Province
4.4 Oujiachong-Hunan Province
4.5 Huilong-Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
4.6 Etoucun-Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
4.7 Luojia-Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
4.8 Jiguanshan-Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
4.9 Huaqiao Farm-Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
4.10 Mopanshan-Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
4.11 Pengchong-Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
4.12 Yajiao-Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
4.13 Longdianshan-Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
4.14 Xiasi-Guizhou Province
4.15 Jiusi-Guizhou Province
4.16 Yashui-Guizhou Province
5. Correlation of the Tournaisian-Visean boundary in South China
6. Micropalaeontological systematic
6.1 Subphylum FORAMINIFERA d’Orbigny, 1826
6.2 Incertae sedis
7. References
8. Index
9. Micropalaeontological plates and explanations

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