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Re: The best dinosaur documentary possible

I'd like to propose that the ideal documentary format would have more of a cooperation structure and less of a service structure. Meaning: smaller teams with visualization processes revolving about and potentially contributing to actual scientific research, with a greater focus on dramatizing the scientific process and sleuthing / exploration of knowledge rather than assumed money shots of largely invented choreographies which dilute the drama of the true discovery and treatment of the unknown.

Oh... and massive paychecks for the animators.

Most of the content of Planet Dinosaur combined with the rendering and 
animation of Dinosaur Revolution/Dinotasia, a chance for the scientific 
advisors to check the script before the show goes into production, and massive 
paychecks for the consultants.



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Renato Santos <dracontes@gmail.com> 8/27/2012 10:20 PM >>>
Here's a question I'd find interesting to see answered by the
professionals for the edification of everyone here:

If there was no impediment to making a dinosaur documentary except for
your decisions what would these be?