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Having your ideas published without attribution, and having your names with priority ignored

So, Gao et al. have a paper out in the new JVP issue with the major conclusion 
"Examination of the characters used to diagnose other named sapeornithid 
species reveals that such diagnoses have incorporated morphologies that are 
influenced by either taphonomy or ontogeny. Based on qualitative and 
quantitative comparisons between the new specimen and other sapeornithid 
species, we argue that all other named sapeornithids are junior synonyms of S. 
chaoyangensis."  Does that sound familiar to anyone?  Moreover they are the 
latest and one the most egregious examples of workers utterly ignoring 
Omnivoropteryx and Omnivoropterygidae, the latter of which has four years 
priority over Sapeornithidae.  More here- 
 .  Thoughts?

Mickey Mortimer